About Us

Winner of the 2014 “Volunteering & Communities Award” at the National Canal and River Trust “Living Waterways Awards”

Award Certificate

Wirral Community Narrowboat Trust (W.C.N.T.) celebrated 30 years of operation in 2014. Originally known as Wirral Narrowboat Association (W.N.A.) we have enjoyed both the lean and good years, in the last five years we have made positive progress having commissioned two new boats built for our specific requirements, especially considering the needs of our wide range of passengers.

We offer sailings from 1st April to 31st October and make around 300 sailings
per year carrying approximately 3000 passengers.

Our boats are crewed by Volunteers, all trained to deliver an enjoyable and safe narrowboat experience. Our crews all operate within a “National Code of Conduct for Community Boats”, and are DBS accredited. Our aim is to provide a pleasurable experience for our passengers which takes them out of their normal environment.

To seek to improve the quality of life for people who, by virtue of age, infirmity, physical disability, mental disorder or social factors, are disadvantaged or deprived.
To make provision for the social, recreational and educational needs of the said people.

Our trips have proved very popular and many of our clients, mostly senior citizens, youth groups and disabled persons, return, year after year, to enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the canals, the countryside and the wildlife.