Details of 2019 trips are now detailed on this site. The Booking Office will re-open on the  2nd January 2019, when bookings for 2019 will commence.

Please use the trip planner to plan your trip, current availability can be viewed by clicking on the link near the bottom of this page. The cost of a full day trip is £135, and a short day is £110, unless you have been Sponsored.  A £25 deposit is required to secure a booking.

Please note, for those of you wishing to book both boats together from the same departure point, both boats are at Christleton on the following dates: 28th April to 7th June, 3rd September to 22nd September and 28th September to 31st October.  You will need to check availability as normal.

Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully, especially the notes relating to wheelchairs and our carrying limitations.  Bookings for the 2019 season should be made from 2nd January 2019 on 0151 647 6300.  Office hours are Mon-Fri 10am to 12 Noon from 2nd January to 4th October, at all other times please leave a message on the Answerphone clearly stating your name and telephone number.

We provide boat trips for the elderly, disabled, special needs, youth and community groups

You can use the trip planner to help you select your ideal trip or if you prefer view all trips.

Boat availability is shown on this website by clicking on the link below, but you must ring the office to confirm the availability and make your booking, or you can submit an email Booking Enquiry Form which appears below the Calendar when you press ‘click here to check availability’ on the link below.

OFFICE hours are – Monday to Friday to 12 noon between 2nd of January and 4th of October 2019.

After agreeing a suitable date with us, by phoning the Office, an email confirmation will be sent to you (posted if you do not have email) which should be checked for any discrepancies in terms of the trips you have booked.  If you have any queries please ring the Office, if everything is in order please send your deposit (or full payment) as indicated on the confirmation.  The deposit will confirm the booking and your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.  Please note the maximum width of wheels on wheelchairs, to access our ramps, is 2’4″ and the overall width must not exceed 2’6″. On ‘Over the Rainbow’ the maximum number of wheelchairs is 4, where any occupant cannot transfer to the boat’s seating, or 6 where all can transfer to the boat’s seating.  On ‘Pot of Gold’, the maximum number of wheelchairs is 3 where any of the occupants cannot transfer to the boat’s seating, or 4 where all can transfer to the boat’s seating.

When checking availability, the calendar displayed will indicate the departure point for each boat, and below that will be blank if the boat is available or ‘busy’ if the boat has already been booked by another client.  In some cases the boat will not be available for other reasons such as Training, and this will be indicated by a description of the activity eg ITB Course.  Each boat is colour coded on the Calendar, green for Pot of Gold and orange for Over the Rainbow.  Don’t forget you must ring the Office to confirm availability, and Book (0151 647 6300), or you can submit an email Enquiry form, which appears below the ‘availability’ calendar.  Please ensure you fill in all the fields in the Enquiry form, using the drop down menus to select boat, departure point and destination.  The calendar will indicate where the boat is based on any particular date. When you have filled in the form please click on ‘make enquiry’. If you have multiple bookings, it may be simpler to ring the Office or send us an email at 

Click here to check availability 

Final confirmation of the booking is dependent on receiving your deposit, which also confirms your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions included on your confirmation e mail.  FULL payment must be made 1 month ahead of the Trip date. Failure to adhere to this may place the trip in jeopardy.

General enquiries can also be received via e-mail on .